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Microbe Hunters: Crowdsourcing Antibiotic Discovery (MCB 2612 Fall, with Dr. Trish Rossi)

Tiny Earth

This course is the UConn partnership to Tiny Earth, a unique course designed to ignite students’ interest in biology by introducing them to hands-on research integrated with learning core biology concepts. The student-driven research project provides a fun and engaging opportunity to make your own scientific discoveries in a community of peers with close contact with expert instructors. Students spend the semester: a) discovering antibiotic-producing bacteria from soil sources, b) characterizing their producers, c) extracting secondary metabolites, and d) contributing their findings to a database shared by a network of student researchers from over 150 other institutions around the globe.

Host-Associated Microbiomes (Spring)

Interest in the microbiome has grown rapidly in recent years and the ubiquity and importance of these communities is well known. The relationships between a host and its microbiome is a fundamental biological interaction that students will benefit from studying. In addition to some applied aspects of host-associated microbiomes, there are basic research questions and many possible avenues for novel research to explore.


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